About Us

Lighthouse Christian School is a California private school offering private satellite program (PSP) to support homeschooling families.  Our mission is to bring educational freedom to families by offering an alternative to public and charter school independent study programs.  We support, encourage, and pray for our private Christian home educating families while honoring the Lord in service for one another.

At Lighthouse Christian School we recognize that all children are unique individuals with learning styles, talents, abilities, and interests of their own.  We support parents in creating an educational program and environment that best suits their own children.  We believe the all-encompassing task of training our children is designed by God as commanded in Deuteronomy 6:1-7.  Lighthouse Christian School is available for all students in grades K-12.

Enrollment in Lighthouse Christian School means that your child is enrolled in a California private school, and you can rest assured that all state requirements are being met.  Your personal information is kept completely confidential.  If you have any questions, please contact our school administrator, Christie Folia, via our Contact Us page.

Features include:

  • Parent as teacher, including curriculum design, implementation, and assessment
  • Record keeping of all necessary California Private School Documents
  • Affidavit filing
  • Attendance and permanent records (CUM files)
  • Maximum privacy
  • Monthly teachers meetings where we encourage and pray for one another
  • Family events
  • Park Days
  • Field trips
  • Youth Group for 7-12 grades including student council, weekly pe, socials, and banquet

Tuition for Lighthouse Christian School is $250 per family per year, plus $12 background check fee for each parent.   

Visit our Registration page for a complete description of the registration process and required documentation. Our Forms page offers step-by-step instructions on which forms to fill out.